Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

So finally spring is here... almost that is. It just keeps on snowing and snowing that when there is a warm day I think that spring is finally here then it snows again. But I think that we are out of the woods and it is going to warm up for good.

With that said it has been far too long to not post. We are all doing good. Health(ish) and happy. The -ish part comes for me and my stupid gallbladder. I have had 3 attacks and sometimes I thought that I was having cramps but they were pains for my gallbladder (I think a sign that something was up should have been it wasn't even my time of the month and I was having horrible pains.) But besides that and mostly getting it removed because there are in fact stones in it we have been good.
I am getting off my depression meds and I am excited and a little scared. So far so good. My doc wanted me to wait until Spring and since that is almost here I have been taking them less and less. Sometimes I am naughty and I forget to take them and like this week I haven't taken one in 4 days. Whoops it was only supposed to be 2 but I wasn't allowed to eat anything for 24 hours because of the ultrasound and then I forgot. I can tell I haven't taken them in a while and I know that I need to but I am still doing really good. One thing that I think has helped is I have been working out a lot lately and I joined Weight Watchers the last week of December and I know that these things have helped.

My mom, 2 sisters, and sister-in-law went to Vegas in January and we saw The Phantom of the Opera front row and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I saw the Phantom spit when he sang we were so close. I don't think that I could ever go back to the back to see a play. What can I say? I'm spoiled and it is all Cody's fault! I love him! So back to Vegas I had fun but I wanted to kill my sister and almost left them in the desert to fight it out. I mean come on we are adults let's act like it. There is nothing like getting in the bath (big huge bathtub) and it being halfway full and all of a sudden you hear screaming so you turn off the water and then 2 angry girls run in the bathroom (the door didn't lock) and then you have to hop out of the tub to break up a fight... Yeah like I said we are adults. Luckily my sister-in-law (she helped me to laugh at my fam and not strangle them) was there or the 2 sister's booties would have been walking home. It was fun and not as relaxing as I hoped but all in all it was fun (plus baby was left at home!).

Tatum is finally walking! He decided just last week to start walking and he does really good. He still crawls but when you have crawled since you were 5 months old you get pretty fast and there is no need to walk. So he started walking at 15 months. He loves to clap. You will hear him clapping and saying yeah and have to run to see what he threw away. He loves to throw things away. his diapers, tissues, wii motes, paper, anything he finds on the floor is his to throw away. We are still missing a wii mote so I am guessing it was thrown away. He is a lot of fun though. I think that we will keep him and his silliness.

On the subject of crawling Tatum has the funniest crawls. There is no regular crawling for Tatum. He has the wounded monkey crawl which is using one hand to crawl he scoots on his butt dragging a leg like it is hurt. There is the tornado crawl where he pretty much rolls all over the floor but it gets him to where he wants to go. Then the alligator crawl, this is my favorite, where Tatum crawls normal but shakes his head left to right and he kinda wiggles while he does it and it is so CUTE! Another is the quarterback crawl. For this one he is on one knee and has his foot out in front and he uses that foot to propel his self forward. He is a crazy funny kid.

So we as a family haven't been up to much. Cody did get Lasik in Feb and then we went to Reno to see Cody's sister's family (Necia) and we had a bunch of fun there and then they came out a few weeks later and then in May we are all going to Disney World with me, Cody, and Tatum, the in-laws, Cody's oldest brother and their 4 kids, and Necia and Derrick and their kids. It is special because my niece Hallie is having her wish granted from Make A Wish. We are really excited to go and I have never been to Disney World. But before then I am getting braces put on (my teeth aren't that bad but my front tooth is shoving backwards and I keep chipping it. I am excited but not too excited. I get those on not even a week before we go to Florida so I guess I won't gain too much weight in Florida cause I won't feel like eating....RIGHT!

So that is what is going on with us here. Now I have to go save Tatum from the Wii mote knot he has created with all the wii motes that we have left that he carries with him all over the house.. Silly boy... Gets is from his dad....