Thursday, November 19, 2009



Here is Tatum and his cousin on Halloween at my parent’s house. This year I decided I wanted to sew Tatum’s costume so in August I bought all of the fabric and pattern and knew that I had 3 months to sew it but of course I procrastinated but luckily I cut it out (which took all day). So the week on Halloween I knew I better start so I asked my mom, who has sewn all her life, it took both of us sewing all day 2 days to sew his costume. Lesson learned. Yes it is way cute and I can say that I have sewn a costume but I will never do it again. That costume was a monster but so cute! So for Halloween we went to my parents to see Collin and Emily and we got some really cute pictures of the 2 of them together. Afterwards we went to Cody’s parents to hang out. So that was our Halloween. I will post later on why it has taken me so long to post.
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