Thursday, August 6, 2009

Babys Grow Fast

Tatum is growing sooo fast. He has been crawling like crazy. So today I was helping my friend Abby move and Tatum was playing with her phone and chewing on it. I took it away and gave it to her and she set it on a box beside her. Tatum was crawling all over her floor and saw a box (which he loves to play with) and crawled up to it and pulled himself up onto his knees. Tatum has never pulled himself up onto his knees so I was so excited. He kept reaching for the phone, (he loves playing with phones, remotes, or controllers he's his father's son) which he really wanted, and pushed it into the box so he decided that he wanted it even more so he pulled himself onto his FEET! I couldn't believe it! He is growing way too fast. Nothing much more exciting but I just thought that I would share Tatum's comings and growings.