Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wisdom Teeth

Ok so I finally have something to write about. I had my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. My dentist gives you 3 sleeping pills and an anti nausea pill. I took these pills 45 mins before my appointment so when I showed up they get you all comfy so you can fall asleep. So they put the gas on me and started to numb me up and I started watching Grounded for Life. The dentist kept coming in and checking on me but I still wasn't asleep nor was a tired. I was very very very comfy with the laughing gas but not tired. Finally they gave me another pill (which he says he has never given a patient more than 3) and turned out the lights so I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. It never came so they started pulling out my 4 wisdom teeth. So I was able to watch my entire movie and have all 4 teeth extracted (only one was impacted) and I was awake the entire time (which my dentist says has never happened with one of his patients before). I feel like a medical mystery. I have been really good though. I mean I have been soar and a little swollen but I think that I have fared well.
In other news Tatum is growing like a weed. He is now wearing 3 to 6 months clothes and just turned 3 months today. He is so much fun. He has turned into a thumb sucker. He wakes up in the middle of the night and noisily tries to get his thumb in his mouth but manages to turn himself sideways. It is so nice to have family around who is willing to watch him and even some take him over night for me and Cody's sanity. He slept over at my parents on Friday night and they said that he was really good.. which is nice cause I told Tatum to not burn any bridges so others wouldn't not want to take him for the night.
I already got my mothers day present. I had decided a while ago that I wanted a VitMix blender that they demo at Costco. So we were at Costco yesterday and they said this was the last time they were here until September so I "talked" (Cody is a sucker to me) into getting me the blender now. We have already used it once and am going shopping tomorrow to make a bunch of stuff. We also got the attachment that grinds wheat. This blender does everything! It makes juices, smoothies, and even soups because the blades go so fast. I am way excited to try a bunch of things out and maybe even get my daily veggies eaten. Tatum also got his Easter gift early. We were at Cody's parents last Sunday and our sister-in-law brought over an exersaucer for Tucker to play in. We put Tatum in it as well to see how he would do and he seemed to like it. So we bought one on sale at Target and it is cute and all but I guess the one our sister-in-law- has is a little older and therefore in his exersaucer he is a few inches too small so his feet just hang there. It is really cute but I think he will have fun as he gets older.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Life Goes On

I know that I haven’t written in a long time. I guess that I have been busy and yet I feel like I have nothing much to write about. Tatum had his baby blessing the first of this month so afterwards we had a lot of people of here to celebrate. It was a lot of fun but very busy and I have to say that I am still recovering.
We had a great weekend. Cody was off work Friday thru Monday so it was a nice and long weekend. On Friday we went with Cody’s family to lunch and then we went to the Draper temple. It was beautiful! It was so awesome to get to go into the celestial room with me, Cody, and Tatum. He slept through the whole thing but I wish he could have been awake because he would have loved the chandelier. He loves to look at lights and Emily’s living room ceiling light is his best friend. He loves to look at it and smile and try to laugh. He is getting more and more fun. He likes to sit in his bouncer and try to figure out his hands to try to get to the toys. He is very awake in the morning (much to my and Cody’s dismay) and is all smiles when he first wakes up. He wakes up at 7 to 8 but with the time change he wakes up between 7 and 8. You would think that he would change to 8 to 9 but no he has already figured out the time change. We got him a bumbo and he likes to sit in it. I will have to get a picture of him sitting in it. He doesn’t sit in it for long periods of time. He is getting a lot stronger too and a lot of work. I have finally been figuring Tatum out. He goes to sleep really good at night but during the day he has to fall asleep with me holding him then I can put him down and get things done. He was getting up 2 times a night and then I read What to Expect the First Year and it said that by 3 months he should be only waking up 1 time a night. The book suggests letting you baby cry for up to 30 min and then try to comfort without feeding and it that doesn’t work feed but smaller amounts. So the first night we tried this he cried for 10 min and then went back to sleep and from then on he has only been waking up 1 time a night. It has been really nice plus with Cody’s help there are nights when I don’t have to get up at all except in the morning cause Cody does not get up well in the morning.
Well Tatum is wake again and so he thinks he is hungry so I must go!